Best place to visit in the USA for first time

usa for first time

Visit USA for first time

When it comes on traveling, everyone wants to visit USA. Place to visit in the USA for first time is very confusing and it can be more expensive too if you did not plan prior, can you think of where should I travel in USA for first time visit? and find the best place which can worth it my vacation. Well, there are plenty of places to travel in the USA but it varies upon the various factors like budget, climate, mood, location, lodging, food, mode of transportation and etc. There are certain factors which we will gonna cover below:

Geography in the USA:

In the USA there are various vast geographical landscape, we can see snow mountains, flat land and ocean in few hours of flight. Geographical condition plays a huge role in traveling, someone may like cold weather, enjoy in snow, do kayaking in the lake, at the same time someone wanna chill in the ocean under the sun.

If you like snow then high ridge mountains like Colorado, New Hampshire are the best fit, there are lot of ski, camping and hiking places, also fall colour in NH are one of the top places to visit in the USA in the month of October, November. Likewise if you wanna greenery and lake you can visit North Carolina, Smoky mountain in NC are also famous.

Colorado – Royal gorge train
New Hampshire – Kancamagus Highway


There are very less places in the USA where it does not required car to travel, where as there are good transportation system in cities where trains run 24 hrs. But car is very most important factor for access different locations.

Cities like New York, Chicago are the best option to travel in the train if you are visiting USA for first time.


Attractions and Activities:

There are lot of attractive places with natural beauty and man made sky scrapper and fun activities places, if you are visiting with the kids then Disney is the best option, you can found it in Orlando Florida or Disneyland in California.

Florida – Key west

If you are with young, adult kids then universal studio is the best option too for those who visit USA for the first time. This is considered as the fun vacation spots for young adults in the US and also best places to visit in USA for first time with family.

Las Vegas might be another option for those who just want to visit usa for first time and like to chill, partying, gambling and enjoy late night fun…

Las Vegas – strip

Local Customs and Etiquette:

If you want something unique taste and something different than cities vibes, you can considered going to the suburbs area too, which is little bit outside form the huge crowds and cities. Place like Ocean city in Delaware, Myrtle beach in South Carolina also give same vibe like Miami beach, which make this place no. 1 tourist spot in the USA, if you are in lower budget.

Ocean city

Philadelphia, Boston will be another spot if you want to see some old cultural places and buildings if you are visiting USA for first time.

Rocky Steps and Statue in Philadelphia

Family-Friendly Options:

USA is always best place to travel right now, country is very peaceful, law and enforcement are in highly alert position. Cities are all family friendly. Some family friendly best destination for first time USA trip are Washington DC, Maine, Vermont. This is also considered as a best places to visit in USA for married couples.

Washington DC
Vermont – Quechee Gorge Bridge

If you had one week to travel the US, you should definitely go to one of the above places described which is the best places to visit in USA for first time.

A fulfilling and pleasurable journey to the USA can be ensured for first-time visitors by keeping these factors in mind while choosing a destination that fits their interests.

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